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Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

My daughter and I suffer from this same ailment...we yawn and, once in a while, the left front side of our throats cramp up. I have had it for so long, I just pop it back into place by moving that muscle side to side until it pops back into place. My daughter is currently at an outpatient center having it looked at. It used to pop back into place and now it's been stuck for about 22 hours now. She was given muscle relaxers and ibuprofen (prescribed). I can tell you right now, no one knows what we are all talking about and I have read everyones responses...the best, if possible, cure is to pop it back into place. Doctors have told us it's an unusual muscle spasm in our throats. I hope enough people report this particular spasm to their doctors so that the medical community can come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment.