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34 yr old just had stroke, doctors are stumped

I'm a 34 year old female, healthy weight, cholesterol, not taking BP, don't drink, don't do drugs, eat healthy, etc. Well I had a stroke and come to find out my left cartoid artery in my neck is 100% blocked and there's a problem with the right one as well, it's about 50% blocked. It's not plaque buildup, it's a clot but the doctors can't agree as to exactly what's going on. Some think I have a rare tissue disorder, others don't, some think I need surgery, others think I need meds - and even with the meds they can't decide on how long I'll have to be on blood thinners. I live in Southern California so thankfully we have a lot of large med centers here to get good second opinions from. I'm seeing a different vascular surgeon on Wed of this coming week.

I was just released from the hospital recently and things have been hard. I've regained most of of my feeling on my right side and my speech is back to normal but there are some things that are still off and it's frustrating. And I feel like I'm so young there's no one I know who can relate to the stress of all of this. The doctors discharged me but were nervous about me walking around with the way my arteries are and the fact that I don't have a clear diagnosis as to what caused them to become to so blocked, and of course that's making me nervous. I don't ever want to go through a stroke again. I live alone and it was one of the most scary things thats ever happened to me. I woke up having the stroke at about 5am. I'm sure a lot of people here can relate to some stuff I just said. I just want to say that normally my thoughts are clear and concise and with more info, and normally didnd't have to work as hard to type but i'm makin gtypeos everywhere as i write this. i have my masters in public policy and was hoping to go back this fall for my masters in social work but the way i am now i don't think that will happen and that's hard to accept.

I just wanted to introduce myself on this board and say a little about my story... I'll be around, seeing as all of this is just starting and I have a long road ahead. Thanks for listening!

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