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Re: 34 yr old just had stroke, doctors are stumped

Hi Lizzy!

I can relate to much of what you say. I too had a stroke, but no one could tell me why since the drs. could find absolutely nothing wrong with me.

I hope the second opinion can give you a clear course of treatment, even if they can't tell you why you have this condition. Sometimes there just is no explanation.

Like you, I live alone, had never been sick and am an independant person and this threw me for a loop.

Also like you, my right side was affected. I just want to tell you to have patience. With physiotherapy my recovery took nearly 3 months, but I feel I'm now nearly 100% recovered and hope the same will happen for you.

Please don't think you won't be back to your studies in the fall! You must be positive and this is a goal that will motivate you to work harder, just as wanting to drive my car again motivated me. You're young and that's on your side.

For about a month after my stroke, I couldn't type without making a million mistakes due to my right arm and hand being numb. Keep typing and it will come back!

Your priority is getting the blockage or clot cleared up. Please let us know what the doctor says on Wednesday. Don't despair. I know you've had a bad shock and I"m not saying it's so easy. I struggled a lot, was dizzy, tripped and fell a few times, hurting myself quite badly. It was upsetting and frustrating, but working on recovery asap is the only way to go.

I wish you luck!