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Re: peoples attitude

Originally Posted by Monnie45 View Post
One thing that really bothers me is some peoples attitude. I work in a dental office and one of the dentists criticizes for my lost of strength. She started by criticizing me for working slowly, even tried to take my hand and pull me along. I was also critized because I walked down stairs slowly. After I found out I had MD2 she continued. She told me I need to excercise more to build up muscle strength. I dread having to go up stairs when people from work are around. What do I say to these people.

Are you kidding me????!!!!! I cannot believe she would treat you that way. (Actually, I DO believe you). I'm just outraged and very sorry. Sorry for you and sorry for her. She must have lived her life so far with no exposure to illness or disease. Or she was born with no compassion.

I don't wish her any misfortune but in 49 years I've observed that the people who are the least sympathetic are the ones that cry loudest when something in their own life goes wrong.

I was very blessed with coworkers who were devastated, helpful and understanding when they learned of my illness. Your boss must be a real peice of work.

Make sure she FULLY understands the nature of your MD and that it is progressive and incurable. If she indeed realizes that and STILL treats you this way then she's a jerk and she's exposing herself to serious legal ramifications. And I do realize you may not want to go that route because it's your job.

Is there more than one dentist in your office. Perhaps a compassionate one that you can talk to about this other's behavior?

Good luck Marlene. I am furious about this. But your Healthboard friends are here for you.