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Re: do hemorroids every go away fully

yes they eventually all go away. think of it like acne / spots all over your face while going through puberty - eventually they all go away. you might get the odd spot sometimes and this could be due to unhealthy eating, lots of excersize and you dont wash right afterwards and let sweat dry on you, or from stress.

you could get minor hemmorhoids in the future from eating rubbish foods that clog up your bowels and cause you to force out very hard stools, or some foods cause you to produce too much acid - therefore burning you as you pass it out and causing bleeds which lead to hemmorhoids.

however, the major crisis of having lots of hemmorhoids at once will eventually go away. you need to just keep watching what you eat, excersize more, and take medication for it such as supositories (bullet like blocks that you push up there which melt and soothe the inner walls), or you can use products like hemoclin (tube that goes a bit inside up there with button to push this foam which will heal the damage and get rid of the hemmorhoids).