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Re: heart racing when trying to fall asleep

Originally Posted by 0153colin View Post
I am so glad to realise I am not alone with this problem, I have had multiple 24 hour ECG monitors done, everytime I was asked if I was doing exercise to produce the rapid increase in heart beats, who excercises at midnight ? The ECG's also showed that my heart rate increased even during sleep, these were quickly dismissed as I must of been having a bad dream, then down the road of was there any stress going on at the moment blah blah blah, then they sent me for an echo at my local hospital to check the valve functions of my heart, & also to check my heart was the correct size, this showed that my heart was perfect & functioning normally. I was then sent for a cardio exam in which I had to run on treadmill while it was increasing in climb to check my heart & pulse as well as my BP, once again the result were completely & utterly fine.

During the conversation the doctor asked me one of the most stupid questions (I know he was only trying to help )
If I have a bad dream I wake up and my heart is racing. I also can make myself get anxious by thinking about negative thoughts. I have to pray real hard at night to have a good night's sleep or I will have disturbing dreams. So I pray and trust my Lord Jesus that I will have a good and restful night. I do need to take medicine every night. But the day will come when I won't need the meds anymore.

Take care.