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Strange symptoms, what could it be...

I had a couple risky sexual encounters with two females this april and a few days later I experienced some pretty weird symptoms that lasted for 4-5 weeks(not of all them lasted the whole 4-5 weeks only some). These symptoms include neck lymph node pain, an extreme sense of discomfort(or malaise), a rash, diarrhea, peripheral neuropathy(mostly in my feet and legs), extreme fatigue, a loss in appetite, muscle weekness I have OHL on my tongue and it got noticeably worse. I got 6-7 cold sores within the first couple weeks or so of getting these symptoms. I was quite prone to cold sores before I would have to take lysine pills after eating a protein/fat meal which consisted of chicken and a couple tablespoons of almond butter(high in arginine which is proviral) or else I'd end up getting a cold sore the next day. Now I don't have to take lysine pills when eating foods high in arginine it seems my immune system is stimulated as in it's producing more antibodys.

Some of the more strange symptoms I have a skin condition called sebborhea around my nasal folds to begin with it got extremely flared up and irritated to the point it would drive anyone nuts. Also my exfolitive cheilitis my peeling lower lip(almost an autoimmune condition as immunosuppresive creams and antibiotic creams can be used to slow down the build up of dead skin) got better as in it wasn't peeling nearly as much dead skin or as quickly.

The more severe symptoms lasted 4-5 weeks, I'm still left with not getting hungry, peripheral neuropathy, extreme fatigue at times, somewhat loose stools and more gas than I should have. My skin is still more inflammed specifically the sebborhea my oral hairy leukoplakia tongue is still worse than it was before but it's improved quite alot from the initial few weeks of symptoms.

Immediately I thought of HIV as my initial symptoms seemed to be Acute retroviral syndrome. I have been tested for that at 2,4,6, and 9 weeks post exposure. At 6 weeks on top of the normal ELISA I had a HIV-1 DNA PCR done, they've all been negative up to this point.

I was also tested at 2 weeks post exposure for a CBC and the doctor noted an elevated WBC count. At the 9 week interval when I went in for another HIV test I got another CBC and again my white blood cell count was elevated specifically the neutrophils. I got a call from him asking for me to go back and get tested again which I did. I'll see my results early next week when I go see him if their in that is.

Two years ago when I was suffering through some other strange health issues(not this strange though) I was tested for immunoglobulins I Had a IgG deficiency as well as very low IgM just barely above the bottom of the reference range. I've had alot of sinus issues and allergies I had to get sinus surgery as well as get allergy shots every day not to be all irritated nasally. With that said I never get sick very often as in cold's or flu's. I also have super low HDL(genetically not from diet) which means theirs less myelin tissue protecting my nerves therefore I'd be much more prone to peripheral neuropathy.

I think I'm going to ask my doctor to get tested for HTLV. I'm also not totally positive about the HIV tests as their can be delays in antibody production or detection(their are mutations and non sub type b's that make detection harder)) especially given some of my immune problems to begin with I'll get another test at the 3 month period(less than 2 weeks left to wait). My aunt had MS and my brother and dad have chrones disease so there's definetly a genetic predisposition to auto immune disorders.

I'm totally confused as to what's going on with my body I was just getting back into physical shape after having my hand broken late last year and my fatigue I was dealing with for over a year or so had been improving due to me taking vitamin B supplements and being strict with my diet and training regimen.

Any comments about the root of my symptoms and illness or possible tests I should go for.

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