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Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

Hi TRR3,

I've been experiencing the exact same thing/symptoms (almost going on 2 years now as well). It's been an extremely painful - and frustrating - ride trying to figure out what this is and how to treat it. Have you seen any doctors? If so, would you share with us what they said on any probable diagnosis?

This has been my experience, in a nut shell...

After the first 8 months of pain. I saw a doctor in the ER who did a blood test. "The test results are fine. I don't know what is wrong with you".

Then I saw A ENT "Specialist". He seemed to not have a clue what I was trying to explain to him and he looked at me like I was crazy and wasting his time. "Maybe it's dental pain or wisdom teeth that need to come out".

So, just in case it was a dental, wisdom teeth or some kind of possible gum infection, I spent a small fortune spread over the span of a year getting all and any dental work I needed. Old fillings replaced, deep cleaning, etc. Then going to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed, placed on antibiotics for gum infections just in case. - After all was said and done: Nothing changed. Still had the same symptoms and in pain.

Last but not least I saw a cardiologist who was also a general practitioner - He did a exam of my throat, arteries and an EKG for good measure. All results were fine... he was baffled and summed it up to "it's probably just stress related. It will most likely go away in a couple of months"... and here it is nearly a year later and the symptoms are just as common, irritating and painful. I would like to consider myself a fairly relaxed individual, and I rarely feel 'stressed' by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, these symptoms I'm experiencing on nearly a daily basis.

Has anyone else gotten professional opinions on this? Would love to hear experiences .. maybe there is a doctor out there who has the knowledge to actually diagnose what this is.