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Re: Therapist damaged shoulder after surgery

Thanks for your input Misty800, but I am doing fine today. I stopped doing all therapy and went to see another specialist on my shoulder. I was only moving my arm to keep it from freezing up again, but no therapy. I figured if you strain a muscle in your leg they tell you to stay off it till it heals, then slowing start using again. So that is how I decided to treat my shoulder. And it worked along with getting a steroid shot, correctly, in my shoulder from the new Dr. I went to. I slowly started doing easy therapy, on my own, not going to any therapist, I have had 3 different theripist, and none helped only made it worse. I figure I am the only one that knows the kind of pain I was experiencing, and you know the difference between stretching pain and something not right pain, and just handle it myself. I have made great progress and my pain is about a zero most of the time during a normal day doing normal things. It still hurts doing the therapy but stops when I am finished. The progress is slow but atleast I am making progress, I will know just how much when I go back to the Dr. tomorrow. I am no longer taking any meds, and don't even need the ice any more. I could live with the progress I have made, if I don't make any more progress from here out, but I would like to get my arm up a little more and behind me a little farther before giving up. I feel no one knows your body better than you, so I will treat and do my own therapy and have made so much better progress and I am pain free 99% of the time. I am very happy with results so far. I think he may give me another shot tomorrow it has been 6 wks since the last one. The shot helped very much also, with the swelling and natually that helped then with the pain. But the continuance therapy was only making it worse, after taking a break and letting the swelling go down and letting the muscle heal, I am building streath and movement everyday, inch by inch. But I want to thank everyone for their comments and experiences, it helped me to do what I thought was best for me, not what Dr's and Therapist thought, and after taking control of what I would do and not do I am doing 100% better. I wish you all the luck. One thing I read on line one day was, If it hurts STOP! So that is how I do my therapy now, if it hurts so bad I can't stand it I don't do it. And thats what the Therapy I was doing for the Therapist hurt so bad I couldn't stand to do them, but I would anyways, and only caused more pain. They would just say, its going to hurt. Well now I push myself at the pace that I can handle and doing great! Good luck and thanks again.