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Re: heart racing when trying to fall asleep

I used to have this problem. The way I got rid of it? I increased my physical activity and now workout vigorously 2 hours a day. It's like working out lowers your heart rate in general and now I sleep like a baby. I did have AVNRT but that was cured through surgery so I know what a fast heart rate is with AVNRT mine was 240 sometimes for hours but when your heart races when falling or during sleep it's around 90 - 110 and frankly that's not very high! Espicially when you have experienced a heart rate for many hours around 240. Also, diet. Eat less sugar, white carbs, and don't eat at night that type of stuff will increase heart rate when you lie down. If you eat after 5 PM, it could be your stomach raising the heart rate when you lie flat. It might not even be your heart. Bottom line - the fitter and healthier you are the better for your heart, mind and body. Working out will get your heart in great condition and it won't race anymore. There are loads of posts on these boards about sinus tachycardia and I think often it's lifestyle or even gastrointestinal. Of course check with your doctor as they say before exercising. I'm the nutty one that had heart surgery for AVNRT the end of Feb and started working out 2 hours a day early April at age 51 without a doctors OK! Too late now, I'm now working out 2 - 3 hours a day...I also lost almost 30 pounds since early April and I feel awesome! Take care all.

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