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Re: is this possibly hypothyroidism?

yeah thats sounding more and more like what i have.when i do go iam gonna tell them i want a thyroid panel done,and hopefully get it treated correctly.this is my main fear from what i read is doctors are still stuck on the old ways of testing that they usually look over it a lot of the time.

have you been able to get your thyroid problem under control?i have read a lot of good things about the thyroid medicine "armour"but have heard its hard to get on,because the doctors dont believe it will help,or have read that being on T3 medcine is similar to being on couldnt believe that when i read it.

also as far as getting the thyroid panel testing done,i have read i should also get a "thyroid antibody test" to test for hashimotos that something i should have tested together,or after if it is in fact a thyroid problem?thanks

thanks for the help though.

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