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Re: please help me, I need words of encouragment...

I to am like you i have had panic / anxiety attacks since i was young i am now 27 and mine did get better well were on track of getting better then last aug i went on holiday to ibiza with my boyfriend for the first time i have never left my children or family before to go so far away and i was happy i did but i woke on the 2nd to last night i woke in the night all hot, sweaty, shaking , pains in chest, lump in throat, you name it i had it that night and as i was so far away from home i started freaking out even more i just wanted to get home and i thought once i got home it will all be ok and i will be back to normal but NO was i wrong i have found it went down hill once i got home i didnt want to go out i was panicing 24/7 feeling down, tired etc..... that was about 9 months ago now and i am better than i was but still having the panicky times now and then sometimes they last all day and i am going bk to ibiza in 33 days ( i am feeling anxious about going on the plane) but this time am going with my mum and family) but i have downloaded alot of relaxation music and hyponists etc... for my mp3 player and they calm me down i am learning to change my negative thoughts but somedays are worse than others but at least this time am willing to give it a go am so nervous about going on the plane but am going with an open mind "i no i may feel a little anxious" " what if i panic on the plane" "well the flight is only 2hours and i have my relaxation music and my family with me" so i no i will be ok and if worse comes to worse i have tables to help me calm down but i leave them till VERY last just as i want to over come this on my own but i am on anti-depressions which i really dont find there working :-( but hey i have my children i need to be here for and thats what is helping me get through this but i no i am not gonna be 100% better over night but i am trying

hope your ok and see the light soon x x