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Re: Great toe hammertoe surgery and pain

Originally Posted by dianesf807 View Post
Hi all!, Need some advise since I am 7 weeks post surgery for a hammertoe on my left great toe. I went through the Pin removal, wearing the boot or few weeks, all the precautions, with some pain and swelling and the on and off nerve pain(felt like nerve pain). Was Progressing nicely -- I thought! Dr. said to do what I wanted based on how I was feeling. Now after a wonderful vacation in the sun and sand with and of course more activity in the ocean and walking, I think I may have damaged something. It came on gradually and now have a lot more swelling and redness of the great toe, ball of foot and top of foot near the base of most all the toes. Pretty darn sore to walk on! Before, if I overdid it walking, just the great toe would get tight with swelling and some redness around to the base. Now I have constant stinging pains--feels like needles in top of foot at base of big toe and radiates across the base of the next 2 toes. Slip on shoes are much tighter. I have an appointment with the Dr. in 4 days. Has anyone experienced a relapse like this? Just a setback or do you think I did some damage to the surgery itself? Any advise would be helpful. Thanks! Di

Hi, Di! I just joined today and only found and started reading today, and your thread caught my eye, as I am experiencing just what you described. I know it has been a long while since you wrote and I didn't see any replies. I'm writing to acknowledge and respond to your question, even though I really hope it has resolved itself and that you are doing much better.

I had one toe corrected (right great toe- had turned hammertoe after breaking it, so finally opted for surgery) mid-April, so I'm in a similar timeframe that you were when you wrote. I had surgery on Thur, returned to work Monday. Pain was bearable with pain meds. Had the pin removed, etc. However, the swelling on the top and bottom of my foot, beginning at the base of the other toes, only began about 3 weeks ago, and is driving me crazy. It looks like I have a "pad" on the bottom of my foot. I even went to dr because it is also red and warm to the touch so I was worried about possible infection. He took xrays but no sign of stress fracture, though that is what he says it looks and acts like. Another follow up in 30 days. I am in constant pain, my shoes (I only wear open sandals) get so tight I can barely get them off at the end of the day. I don't believe anything went wrong with the surgery, and from what I've read today, long term problems/recovery time are not uncommon from toe surgery.

So, in answer to your question, no, I don't believe that you did anything to hurt the surgery you had. Hopefully your follow up with your doctor confirmed that. If you see this, please let me know how you are doing, and if your foot has improved.

Any other input from someone else would also be appreciated. Not sure how long this will last. I wasn't prepared for this, had no idea it would be this bad. I feel foolish that one toe has caused so much trouble. And I still limp! which really makes me feel worse. I have thought once or twice that I regret the surgery, but I really don't. I was unable to wear closed shoes before and was in pain then, too. Just frustrated, and frankly,exhausted from the constant pain.
Thanks so much for being there. Best of luck to you, Di!