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Altered this part of the MS ordeal?

It has been years, and I am back. My husband, in the early 2000's had 3 bouts of ON about 18 months apart. At the time he developed one lesion; the only abnormality on the MRI; VEP and BAER (I think I got those right normal. They found he had cervical stenosis and some other column narrowing.

7-8 years later...half of his body is experiencing a new sensation. The left side of his body (excluding face and neck, more back than front) seems to be overly sensitive to cold. If he sprays on deodorant, it stings/hurts. If he places something cold on him, it feels bruised and slightly painful. The other side has normal reactions and feelings. He IS experiencing typical tingling in his RIGHT thumb, but it coincides (or maybe a coincidence?) with a shoulder pop after exercise.

The left side is not tingling, numb, or feel shocky; it is otherwise altered. I don't know how MS can feel, but I haven't found anything about this sensation. Is this an atypical manifestation of MS?

(I know the neuro appointment is needed, just getting a feel for this as we wait...)

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