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Fatigue, Confusion, Tinnitus, and vision

Hello I am 15 and have had very strange and bothersome symptoms. I am telling this story as it is my last hope to figure out what is wrong. Nearly two years ago I started feeling horribly. My heart would pound and all I wanted to do was stay in my bed at that point I was very overweight and I thought that was the reason for it so I joined sports and started losing weight. My symptoms seemed to be better for a while but than a month after the weird heart pounding which started around my birthday in November, I got my most bothersome symptom, Fatigue and brain Fog. This symptom drives me crazy but I will explain the rest of my stuff before I go more in depth with it. About 1-2 months after fatigue and brain fog I got tinnitus it seemed to just happen one night and is constant all the time! But there is a lot moreÖ. About 3 months after that the beginning of my visual problems started. It first started with this weird visual disturbance that I have never found an explanation online or anyone else with it. When I look at a light source the light kind of beams toward my eyes and is very apparent when on the road all the cars headlights bend towards the bottom of my vision and seems to be relieved a little if I open my eyes very wide. That is also constant symptom. About 1 month or so later my second visual problem came to me. This one is very hard to explain but please try to understand. I will use a hypothetical situation to describe it. I will be looking at the Tv, when I switch my eyes to look at something such as the wall, the image from the tv will flash on the wall for a brief second. This happens EVERYTIME I move my eyes. This is about one year from today and I have lost 30-40 lbs. Then, in august I started Football and had Floaters in my eyes these floaters are constant and are not relieved by anything (closing one eye etc.) Also recently I have started seeing halos around lights. That is when my dad actually took me to the doctor and first I had my eyes checked out by the local eye doctor and he tested my peripheral and examined my eye and said nothing was wrong. Then, I had an two MRIs all fine. I live in Minnesota so I was referred to the mayo Clinic. They could not think of everything and I even had my eyes checked again. My dad said I had most blood work done so I ruled out thyroid problems and such. Now during all of this I was in school and I noticed another problem. I seemed to have heart palpitations related to anxiety. Whenever the teacher called on me for a question and I answered for some reason my heart would pound like crazy I can feel it below my adams apple going crazy. This also happens when I need to give speeches regardless the fact that I am in no way nervous or anything. This messed up problem with me affected my football playing too. In football our team is small so I need to play the whole game on Offense, Defense and special teams. So my Stamina is very important. But every game when Iím on the field my heart starts palpitating again and I get extreme fatigue. A whole game I will be breathless from the start of it and it absolutely drives me crazy. Ok now that I have described some of the problems I need to talk about an episode I had connected with migraines. I started having migraines in 6th grade 3 almost 4 yrs ago and They would be accompanied by blurred vision and grayed vision. About 1 yr and 4 months ago I was sitting in class when I felt one coming on my entire right side went numb and I felt like I was going to die. I went to the emergency room and had a ct scan and everything was fine no tumor. My symptoms relieved themselves. With that in consideration at the mayo clinic the doctor thought the vision problems could have been migraines that I couldnít feel but were there and messed up my vision I was tried on a medication, No help. Then tried on a second, No help. So now it was January of this year and I just kind of given up hope on getting better so I decided to continue weight loss. From January to April I dropped another 30 lbs. I ran everyday for over a month and lifted weights. Then in may I felt exhausted ALL the time I slept during my last hour of school than got home and slept
I stopped running which made me so mad because I just couldnít get up to exercise I felt myself losing control of myself. Now I will describe the confusion and fatigue and other symptoms not said. The fatigue is horrendous I am tired all the time and since it is summer I cant wake up before noon which sucks because I want to live life the confusion is so weird I struggle with words I donít know which one to say canít think straight, I feel dead all the time recently as if I will pass out or my brain is going to fail soon .I am very bright and am taking AP classes and will be going into Algebra II next year as a sophomore. I wonít be able to excel in school when I canít even think straight. My football season is coming up and this is the year I will have a chance at starting VARSITY and I know I wont be able to do it with this holding me back. Now with some other symptoms. Around thanksgiving of 2009 My eye started twitching I think it was my eyelid but seemed almost as if it was inside my eye? Now I have leg twitching. It doesnít hurt and isnít any kind of jerking motion just like a little twitch under my skin. I am now training with my friend for football and notice that whenever I am done doing a heavy exercise such as squats my ears Plug up and feel full. And sometime will get a pink haze type thing in my vision too. Just typing this I am struggling because I can not think. The feeling in my head is so weird unexplainable. Just a little more details about my confusion often when I am reading I often skip words for some reason. Also I constantly forget things around my house and when I go into my room to get something such as my wallet I will see something else and forget what I went there to do. This happens sooooo much.
Im so sorry for the amount of detail necessary and not necessary I just want to be as thorough as possible because this is so horrible I have been thinking of suicide just because I know I wonít be able to live like this. PLEASE someone out there tell me if you have been through this I Need help I am only 15 why is this happening to me? Rememeber This cant be anything wrong with my eyes because they have been checked thoroughly and I have had most blood work done so Help me PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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