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Re: Finding a Surgeon

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the board! I hope you get multiple responses, but I'll put some thoughts in green.

Originally Posted by davex View Post
Any advice on finding a surgeon for open and/or robotic Radical Prostatectomy?

Do you have any geographic limits?

Ideally I would like to screen on outcomes (succes rates, complication rates) then consult with the best.

Here are a couple of leads.

One is to check a site we can use on this board because it is Government sponsored, PubMed (Public Medicine): . You could search for, say, " "radical prostatectomy" AND recurrence " (ignoring the outer quotation marks, activating the Limits feature for something like: only items with abstracts, Humans, Male, Clinical Trial. I just did that and got 203 hits. If you review the list, you can check the list of authors for studies that look like they may cover success and complications. Usually, one or two of the authors will be the surgeons whose cases are being analyzed, and frequently such a surgeon(s) will be the senior (last) author. By poking around you can figure out contact information. Many top flight surgeons will publish their results in this way, but many do not.

Some leading surgeons have written one or more books in which they discuss their results. Dr. Patrick Walsh from Johns Hopkins has done this, but he may be retired now from day-to-day surgery. Dr. Peter Scardino from Memorial Sloan Kettering has done this. I'm not sure whether Drs. William Catalona (Northestern U.) or Manni Menon (Michigan) have done this.

You could also check the lists of surgeons who have been invited as speakers at the National Conference on Prostate Cancer series. (The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), and the Foundation for Cancer Research & Education, both non-profit organizations, have these lists.)

Another approach is to look into major reports from leading medical associations to see the names of authors/editors, who are often leaders. You can also check their annual conferences to see the names of people giving the important talks.

Many names of prominent surgeons have come up on this board.

I'm finding that doctors require a consultation which seems like a waste of time and money. What's the best way to find a sugeon with the best track record?

Often you can get key information with phone calls. Many doctors have published their information in ways that are convenient for patients.

Good luck.