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Re: Fatigue, Confusion, Tinnitus, and vision

I think you really need to have your thyroid checked again and please post the results so we can help you because there is a lot of misconception about what levels constitute normal. Make sure to have them check your TSH, free-T3 and free-T4 levels. Very important. I have been hypothyroid since I was about 20 and can relate to almost all of your issues - especially the tiredness and brain fog. I also struggled with psychedelic migraines (migraines with no pain that caused patterns in my eyes). When my thyroid levels get very low, I also experience tingling and twitching in my arms and legs and get very weird pressure feelings in my neck. When my thyroid replacement is optimized, I feel pretty good. Your problems could be caused by something else but this might be a place to start. Blessings