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Re: Finding a Surgeon

Hi Dave, and welcome,

Unfortunately, there's no list that exists (that I know of) which identifies surgeons and all their statistical outcomes. I found that once I started searching using various techniques which came at the problem from multiple directions, that one lead would follow another, and soon enough I started to gather multiple inputs on a repeating number of surgeons.

I searched for published literature, similar to Jim's suggestion below, but another of the techniques I used was simply word-of-mouth. I went to a local Us Too chapter meeting, and guys there were more than glad to talk about their doctor experiences. Once friends of mine started hearing about my diagnosis, the experiences started coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. One of the friends I called told his wife, who called me back to say her former boss (and good friend) had PC surgery several years prior, and that she knew he'd be glad to talk to me about his situation. This was just one of many situations that came, as I said, out of the woodwork, but I ended up going with the same surgeon he had. (This was just one of many people I talked to, but this was the one that led to the surgeon I chose.)

I also posted the question here on this site in my own thread. ( In posting #8, I asked:
“Anyone here have knowledge and/or experience with top specialists in the CHICAGO area? I am looking to make a short list for second opinions.”
Several excellent responses were provided, and these became inputs into the process to further search, ask, learn.

best wishes...

Jim, by the way, I saw in your reply below you wrote [bold added]:
Originally Posted by IADT3since2000 View Post

Usually, one or two of the authors will be the surgeons whose cases are being analyzed, and frequently such a surgeon(s) will be the senior (last) author.
I’ve published in a (non-medical) technical journal with multiple authors and also have a US Patent with multiple inventors, and in both cases the first listed author/inventor is primary, not the last. Was your “(last)” a typo, or do you know medical journals to be sequenced this way?