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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by aussiegirl2 View Post
hi steve
i didnt hear from dr borody so i will call him early next week. I feel i am have having some success with the chinese approach. i am now off all my medications.(in 1 week)
i wouldnt say i feel good but at least i do not have the awful side effects of the medications ( as well as nausea)
i also think the gluten free diet has made a difference maybe its worth trying that again for you?
im feel nausea sometimes before i go to the bathroom and usually better afterwards.
that feeling of "faeces stuck in my colon" is very typical for IBS. i have not had that feeling since switching to gluten free.
i will let u know after im made contact with dr borody
Aussiegirl2 - pleased to hear that you are getting some good respsone from the Chinese doctor.
I have been gluten free for over 6 months as I am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Make sure you are 100% gluten free because if you are intolerant even just a little can cause problems. Have you ever tested yourself for food intolerance? I know there is a hospital in Australia that have a very high success rate for people using a FODMAP diet. I think they say they cure up to 70% of people. That diet deals mainly with fructose which a lot of people are intoilerant to and that can cause all sorts of digestive issues.
With regard to the feeling of faeces stuck in the colon when you did get it was it immediately after a BM or at any time? Mine tends to be at any time and not therefore a feeling of incomplete evacuation.
Good luck. Hope you hear from Borody soon.

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