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Re: what can I expect when I die of lung cancer

I cannot say what will occur when you die of lung cancer, but I do know you're still alive and where there is life there is hope. I read recently, as crazy as this sounds but it was doctors reporting this...get fresh asparagus. Steam. Blend with water to make thick gruel. Take two tbls 2x a day. Also, It has been reported peaches and plums kill breast cancer cells but no other cells! Why not lung cancer cells? The Chinese have herbs and treatments for lung disorders. Do you eat great amounts of fresh veggies and fruits?
I know this is a terrible place to have Cancer, but miracles do occur and sometimes in the strangest ways. Choose a color that has to do with healing...the blues, greens, white light. Picture a cloud of this color around your head. Breathe that color into your lungs. Do this as often as able. Picture your lungs filled with this beautiful color or light. As to dying? Try not to think of it. BUT....years ago I cared for an elderly woman. Feeding her one morning she pushed the food away. I heard the 'death rattle' I cradled her my arms. At the moment her spirit left her body the room filled with a haze and I saw three figures reach out to her. I saw her arms go upward. It was two women and a man. I could not believe my eyes. i was astounded and deeply moved. They say you are never alone at death. I believe this. Blessings.

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