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PTTD and shortened achillies

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have read several of your posts and even shared words with a few of you. I am getting scared out of my mind.
My initial injury was on March 5th 2010 and I finally found a doctor that knows what is wrong with my ankle. She tells me I have PTTD and my achillies tendon shortened in compensation because doctors 1 and 2 had me walking on it too soon.

My follow-up appt is Thursday July15th. I feel that since the Physical Therapy made it worse; increased pain and swelling; that the only option is surgery.

I've seen pics and videos. And what scares me the most is the anesthesia...and the fact of the surgery being a same day procedure; which I'm not sure about.

The anesthesia scares me because I am a soker, severely obeses and have sleep apnea. Has anyone had spinal anesthesia with their procedure?

Is the procedure done arthroscopically or are incisions needed?

How do they lengthen the achillies tendon?

Sorry if I am boring anyone...I just need some reassurance and some help from someone who has gone through the surgery.


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