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Question If anyone could help me figure what's up that would be amazing. Please and thanks.

So I have this feeling that I have to go to the bathroom but once I sit down, nothing comes out. Like once I'll go I have this feeling I gotta go again but nothings coming out. I find myself sitting on the toliet a lot just trying to pee even though I just went and I shouldn't have too.
I'll be going into 9th grade, I've kinda already came across this same problem before, around about 7th grade and when I would go to the bathroom I felt like I had to go again and I just couldn't sit down.
Now, when I do go to the bathroom it most of the time stings, well mostly everytime I go.
I've never had sex so it's not an STD or anything. It would be just fanomable if anybody had an idea of whats wrong or what's going on. Anything, if you have questions please message me I wanna know what's going on. Is there anything I should do, or get checked out?
I haven't really told my mom, I probably should, but I wanna get some answers.

I might have an UTI? Not really sure, I'm really confused about it all and I want this all to stop. I'm uncomfortable with seeing a doctor look up my vag so I'm hoping that all tgey gotta do is get a urine sample or something.

I'm looking forward to answers! Thank you.

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