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Bowel Disorder Maybe ??...I'm in pain!

My normal BM schedule is once every 3 days. Usually hard. This has been the way my body works my whole life. That is the normal for me. About 5 years ago, I had a laporoscopy done for endometrosis. They found that my bowels were wrapped pretty tightly in scar tissue, that had my bowels pinned to my abdominal cavity where they shouldn't be. They removed the scar tissue & life resumed as normal.

For the past 2 months, I've had alot of dull achy pain in my back, sides, & stomach. From my hip bones to my rib cage all the way around. Some days I barely notice it & other days, it hurts to move. The past 3 weeks, I've had very loose and soft BM's at least twice a day. Which is NOT normal for me. My diet hasn't changed. I"m a bit of a health nut so, careful of what I eat. The pain is affecting intiamacy with my husband because it is painful. Going to the restroom is painful & I've been alot more gasy than I should be.

The past 2 days, the pain has been extremely uncomfortable. It is non-stop & doesn't let up at all. Walking causes sharp pains, sitting hurts, pretty much everything hurts.

I am 28 yrs old & a mom of 6. My youngest is 5. The only medical history I have is migraines and blood clots in my legs. I have no diagnosed medical conditions & take no medications. I have no medical insurance & limited income, so going to see a doctor is pretty much out of the question for me. Especially since, I'm not really sure which kind of doctor I should see.

Does this sound like something with the bowels? OR maybe endometrisosis? Galbladder? I have no idea. Please help!

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