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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

im going to be honest i do have issues as far as tolerating foods go. sometimes even to this day - its been 5.5 years.. if the sun isn't shining or something .. even if i have eaten a food a million times won't agree with me and i will have it just sit for hours until i start vomiting it up. but those episodes are nothing like they were in the beginning.

i do have iron issues and i am currently getting iron infusions and i have had to up my b-12 shots from once a month to 2x a month but those are the only problems with it.

honestly the problems have been more mental. i did gain some weight back about 3-4 years post op. 40 lbs. i lost most of that this year. i am now back down to 149 but im not happy. and i wasn't happy when i was at my lowest of 140 either.

so i don't know. i was an ok but not accepting fat girl then i was an unhappy fat girl now what am i? i am an unhappy skinny girl i guess. at least that is what i hear all the time. i just don't see it. i see the loose skin and the fat rolls i am always at the gym trying to get rid of.

i'd still do it again. just wish i would have been more prepared emotionally or that i had the money for all the plastic surgery my body needs..and it needs a lot!