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It good to learn your not alone with 9-11 related PTSD. I know there must be many, many of us out there, and I believe that most are suffering alone because no one wants to recognize these people as victims. How many times have you heard "get over it,you survived", or "you're giving the terrorists what they want."? Even the most supportive family and friends can't really relate, no matter how hard they try. It seems only those that were there, and are suffering, can understand. You can see it in our eyes. I do hope you have a support group.

Me? I can't function. I had to leave my job even though it was held it for me until February of this year. I'm still too sick. Can't sleep. If I can manage some....nightmares. Everything is gone...income, savings, pension, medical, home in foreclosure, and the person I once was. Can't think, can't concentrate. Flashbacks, panic attacks, and so on. The psychiatrists and therapists are unequipped to really help. They never had to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. They just keep increasing medication. I was always a strong person before that day. I constantly beat myself up because I'm not dealing. I never realized that PTSD can be so disabling.

There are people in my group that are planning a trip to Washington, but we have been unable to locate other PTSD sufferers.

Please let me know how you are doing.