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Re: Autoimmune Disorder or Fibromyalgia

I've been diagnosed with both of these things and eventually, by being followed long term by a doc who believed me, found out I have rheumatoid arthritis.

For starters....fibro is a pain disorder and if you have any markers for inflammation, especially a positive ANA, you don't have fibro. Sometimes people get fibro on top of another disorder but that is different. Fibro people get mad at hearing this but the latest info and studies show that fibro is a pain disorder and not inflammatory. No fevers, no crippling joint problems, nothing that will kill you unless you kill yourself due to the unrelenting pain. I'm not saying it's not a bad's hell for those who have it but way too many people are told they have fibro when in actuality, they may have Ra or lupus and are missing valuable time starting treatment.

You need to find a doc, preferably a rheumatologist, who will follow you. It can take years to figure out exactly what is going on but you can be treated in the meantime. Don't be embarrassed if you change doc after doc...I think I've been through about 10 until I found someone I liked who listened to me. As my OB/GYN said to me....rhuematologists are a "squirrely" bunch. They have to deal with people in constant pain who will never get well and you have to have the personality to handle that and many don't. The trick is finding one who does and you have something golden.

And consider seeing a therapist who deals with chronic pain who can help you with the depression. Anti-depressants can help with depression and pain. I see one and he is my lifeline to sanity.

Hang in there. I bet it turns out to be a type of immune disorder but what kind, who knows. Do you have fibro on top of it...possible...but all too often it's a diagnosis they give when they can't figure out what the real problem is.

Got questions, I'm here or on the arthritis board.

gentle hugs........Jenny.....(primary osteoarthritis, primary RA, secondary Sjogren's Syndrome and secondary gout...that's 4 kinds of arthritis...and counting)