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Dizziness, which doctor should i go?


Im want to discover what really cause my dizziness.. the first time in my life that i had dizziness, was when i took during two days Zoloft (Anti depressant) last year (also had severe headaches)...from that day i had a lot of dizziness (and severe weakness/body very heavy). I went to different doctors..all said different things:

-Anxiety .. last year i had a lot of anxiety, but now im 100% controlled and only took anxiety pills during 4months..very light dosage. Only took Zoloft for two days.

-Innear ear problems. i have many times rigging (ppiiiiii), my ears sometimes are very sensitive to noise (brrrr), and in this year i felt for 2 times, my ear become full (almost cant hear anything from that ear).

-Lazy eye, my ophthalmologist said that my lazy eye can make dizziness from reading books / computer.

-Back problems??

Exams in past year
-Ear Scan (MRI or CT Scan cant say which one)..OK
-2x Blood tests (Tyroid, etc)..OK

My health problems confirmed
-Sinusitis (sometimes is severe, but only 3/4 times a year)
-Asthma (very light symptoms)
-Allergies (severe in spring)
-Lazy eye (you can only see that i have one lazy eye, when im drunk )
-not a health problem, but im very sensitive to caffeine, if i drink a Cola/Pepsi in the night...i cant sleep.

PS: Before i did the Ear Scan, that doctor was 100% certain that i had a inner ear problem, so he gave me Betaserc (Meniere Desiease pill),which work very well! During 2/3 months i only had very light dizziness. But after the Ear scan, the doctor said it was not a inner ear problem, but he didint explain why Betaserc worked. I stopped taking the pills, but after half year, im having again dizziness (looks like that im in a ship, cant walk straight, cant stand straight, its not the same during all day, looks like that i peaks of dizziness).

What problem do you think i have?
What doctor (specialty) can anyone recommend?


Sorry for the bad english, Europe user writing

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