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Re: Relationship OCD or something else?

There are lots of posts you can read on this board that are very similar to yours; so you might want to read through them and see you're not alone. My rocd is a bit different in the way that i imagine my husband cheating and leaving me for another. On top of it all I found out that he has narcissistic personality disorder which has made matters worse for me but doing research and finding exposures to test myself against has helped and finding out about why he does the things he does has helped. Don't get me wrong I still have to go through it; my brain still lacks seratonin but I am getting better and I'm thankful for that. I guess my point is, once you either get diagnosed with rocd or find sufficient evidence on this board and in research on the internet you can start doing the things that will help you to get better instead of being focused on the diagnosis. Good luck.