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Question New to this. Abnormal emg. Concerned that is could be ALS.

I am a 39 yr old healthy female. I developed tingling and numbness in my feet about 2 months ago. My primary care doc ordered a nerve conduction study/EMG. The motor nerve conduction study was normal. The needle EMG revealed neurogenic findings. The tests concluded I have early but significant peripheral neuropathy. Since the emg was completed the tingling and numbness has spread to my hands and legs and some numbness on the right side of my face. On 3 separate occasions I have attempted to get out of bed in the morning and my left leg was completely numb. After 10 minutes of massaging it would return to normal. I have also experienced difficulty with fine motor skills in my hands. Obviously this is very upsetting and of concern to me.

The neurologist has run multiple blood tests. Glusose, b12, folate, iron, thyroid, SPEP/IFE serum protein, CKE/CK all have come back fine. MRI of brain came back fine. Paraneoplastic disorder blood tests came back with 2 of the 3 tests negative and 1 "borderline". He said I shouldn't be concerned about this, however I do question this. He has put me on 10mg daily dose of Nortriptyline. It does help me sleep but does not take away all of the constant tingling and buzzing that I feel when laying down. He feels I should stick with the medicine for 4-6 months and "see what happens". I am not comfortable waiting. It makes me anxious which only makes my symptoms worse.

The doc feels it is not MS due to a normal MRI. I have great concern about ALS as it seems as though I have many of the symptoms. I have already set an appointment with another neurologist for a second opinion however the first available appointment isn't for 6 more weeks. The unknown bothers me more than anything! Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts. It is appreciated very much!

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