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Re: worried about starting fentanyl patch

Unfortunately, I already had fibromyalgia before the accident occured but I'm trying this protein drink that has all of this vitamins and I guess we will see how that works out. I have also been trying to walk a lot the past day or two because a few days ago I was rushed to the emergency room because I was having horrible chest pains and literally could NOT breathe and now I was just diagnosed atlectasis (which basically means the lower portion of both of my lungs collapsed) ...I also injured my shoulder in the car accident and I got an MRI of my left shoulder and found out today I have terrible bursitis and tendonitis in my shoulder. The injuries just don't stop and the pain just gets worse and worse and it seems that no one in my family understands how bad it is they seem to think I could just take tylenol/advil/motrin and the pain would get better but it just doesn't ... it really stinks!