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41 year old with diverticulitis

In january , developed acute sigmoid diverticulitis. I was treated with Cipro and flaggyll. Symptoms improved. Colonoscopy showed moderate sigmoid divericulosis. Developed allergy to cIPRO. Approx 4 weeks later,developed cdiff from Cipro. It took a round of flagyll and then a round of Vanco to heal it. I feel better but still have lower abdominal pain. My question is, if I get another attack, does anybody know what antibiotic they could use to treat me since now I'm at a higher risk for cdiff. I losta totoal of thirty8 pounds andstill don't feel myself. I was also told that if I got another attack, I would be a candidate for surgery. Thiswhole thing has beena nightmare. Between the cdiff and diverticulitis, I was hospitalised 2x. It's 6 monthslaterand I'm just getting my strength back. Has anybody been through both divertic andcdiff after? Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to go through this cycle again. Oral Vanco was what killed the cdiff. Is thatone of the antibiotics they can use for diverticulitis ifI getit again? Thanks for any info.

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