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Re: 41 year old with diverticulitis

Originally Posted by reinatj View Post
I am 55, female, will be 56 on 7/24. My pain is on my left side. As soon as I feel the first pain I get into see the doctor so I can get the antibotics. The pain is gone with in a couple of days. My pain is not in my stomach area. it is just on the the side. You know when you put your hands on your waist/hips. Thats is where I feel it. Sometimes when I sit I can feel it too. I know what you mean about it feeling like a strained muscle. I tell people it feels like when a runner gets cramps or stiches in their side from running. But once the infection is cleard up, I have no more pain. I have to take 6 fiber con tablets a day and I drink metamusil, eat lots of fruit so I can have a bowel movement. After all that I still sometimes have a hard time going.

Hope I am answering your questions. We can help each other.