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Re: worried about starting fentanyl patch

Hello again! No the pain and the injuries wont' stop. for very few people(and that's rare)it goes away after surgery. But when it comes to neck pain...

I have some problems with my doctors telling me people who have been in a car accident can sleep. I'm his first patient who need sleeping pills. I feel so bad hearing that. He seems like a very compassionate doctor who actually wants me to find a job and not go on disability. I won't be able to live on disability, I will starve to death...I wonder why my doctors think I'm a rare case of not being able to sleep cause of pain in the neck. I believe they must be "playing" with me.

Does Roserum helps you sleep at all? I take clonazepam for sleep plus vitamins. Trying my best not to take clonazepam every day cause it's addictive as they say in this board.

Last and not least....are you able to work???

Keep the faith, please don't lose hope.
oh by the way, take neurontin(gabapentin)for fiborymyalgia. even two pills day should help you.

Life is tough without chronic pain but chronic pain makes it harder. Well, we are must be lucky people if we got it.

Did you have a rear end???were you sitting in the back???. WAs it a truck hitting you.

As I said before when vitamins don't help and clonzepam dont' help you need to take(your decision though)Oxycontin. My doctor thinks oxycontin is an ok medication. In the beginning he said NO to it, he said it's addictive....but now he changed his mind. I wonder what made him changed his mind.

Please let me know how you're doing, I would like to you know your'e getting better and suffer LESS.

AND NO, nobody understands what it means to live with chronic pain with all its implications...making you sad...constant pain....some always have to fight back and be a strong person than you really are. My experience shows the best is NOT to talk about it with people or if your'e not married with any guy you're dated. Honestly, they will dump you. I've been dumped cause of this. I dont' really understand why it's like this with all the publicity about chronic pain, people just don't get it huh...until it hits them. and remember, nobody is immuned to car accidents eventhough cars are not buit better.

I was unfortunate, 1) I let a girl I don't know drive me, it 2)was dark, 3)and the car was old 1983-1984 honda and 4) there was no seat built in the back(I was sitting in the back another one of my mistake)......what happened is that she bumped her car to the house and I had a severe whiplash...that what it took. It happened about 5-6 years ago(stopped counting the years)I blamed myself for being irresponsible but I've never thought I would be in a car accident. So in another word, nobody is immuned to chronic pain not even doctors.

8-9 months after the so called accident between a car and a house I still suffer and went for a chiropractor "treatment" which was another MISTAKE I've done unknowingly he made things worst. So anybody reading this and have neck problems - NEVER EVER GO TO CHIROPRACTOR.

I now have(probably cause the accident)two bulging disks in my neck.

I"ve just now realized you have tendonitis...for this take selenium + vitamin E - it has to be in the right dose, not from a magnesium + vitamin D. Magnesium helps the nervous system and muscle and relax them.

I hope to hear from you again, I hear you crying...

P.S ibuprofen doesn't do much for chronic neck pain + shoulder pain.

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