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Re: What Can Help My Eczema, Allergies, and Inflammation?

***Sorry about the long post. I like to be detailed ***

I do a lot of things to keep my symptoms in check, ranging from stuff I do to keep my skin, allergies, and vaginal issues in order. For one, I keep the consumption of junk food to a minimum since I don't want to "add fuel to the fire." I avoid anything that has weird chemicals/ingredients and by-products because it isn't good for my health anyway since my immune system is really sensitive and reacts easily to various things. Even stress can flare up my eczema a little. A lot of the common candies and fast food that people enjoy on a regular basis, I don't eat.

I avoid refined carbohydrates since it's still also bad for intestinal health and does a good job of feeding yeast which is exactly what I don't want. Most refined carbohydrates are converted into sugars which is still bad. I also avoid things that have added sugar or are high in sugar. I quit drinking coffee since it also can cause inflammation.

I'll assume your probably inquiring about what I do to keep my vaginal issue under control. I don't even know what to call it except vaginitis because apparently all of my yeast cultures come back negative every time. I get routine cultures done with each visit. I was prescribed hydrocortisone suppositories to do every night to combat the vaginal inflammation and it helped. But my gynecologist says that there was a link between my eczema and my vaginal inflammation. And she said sometimes there is unexplainable inflammation for some women. Other than the inflammation she noticed everything was fine. My pH was 4.5 which is kind of borderline good and bad. A pH over 4.5 usually signifies infection.

After I've done various changes, mainly in my diet just being considerate of everything I put in my body and researching ingredients. I go without underwear at night and when I'm around the house just to let the vagina breath and ventilate. I don't wear tight non-breathable underwear, mainly just white cotton panties. No tight jeans or anything. I drink about 6-7 glasses of water per day and I make sure I take a probiotic and a fiber supplement since fiber acts as an internal roughage and helps the body excrete the bad bacteria and it encourages "good" bacteria growth, it increases immunity too. I make sure I eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables because they are loaded with fiber/prebiotics and complex nutrients. I avoid eating meats and dairy products since it stimulates allergies and it usually increases inflammation in the body. Too much red meat or meat in general isn't good for anyone.

After making slight dietary changes over time, my symptoms have greatly improved.