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Re: What Can Help My Eczema, Allergies, and Inflammation?

Thanks for your answer.

Could you let me know what symptoms did you use to have? For me it started with pain at urination, burning but only inside the vaginal canal, tingling and pinching outside on the vulvar area, redness and irritation inside and out, and erythema and eczema inside and out. And when the symptoms were the worse, I had vulvodynia, pain and extreme burning, especially after urination.I was diagnosted with non albicans yeasts. What makes you believe that you got rid of non albicans yeasts and now you have eczema? I have always lived under the impression that I have the non albicans yeasts is creating these problems and once this is cured I will get rid of all these nasty symptoms.

Is vaginal cancer a concern for us? Could this infection lead to vaginal cancer if not treated? My gynelogical exams are painfull. The sexual intercours I can only imagine that is painful as well, I was too scared to even try that.

Could you tell me what treatment you got for your non albicans yeasts? My dr. didn't prescribe me anything. She acted like I was the only one in America who has had this problem and that she doesn't know what to do. From the articles I read on internet, I understand that non albicans yeasts are very difficult to treat with azoles.

I have made changes in my diet to and my symptoms have improved a lot. Also I don't use soap anymore, just rinse with water and that have helped. I totally avoid coffee and coffeine, sugar and that has helped. I also try to wear panties at least as possible. If there is anything else I can think of I will let you know.