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Re: Acid reflux and anxiety? Sinus and throat issues.

hey guys! trully misery loves company...

felt so great to find thids thread and so happy that im not alone which decreases my depression and anxiety.

last week i was rush to the ER because my body numb and having a difficulty breathing.they did a lot of stuffs ekg,etc

i was sent home and found nothing just a acid reflux. but i was not convinced, had taken strees test, pulmonary function test, 2d echo test, blood test, barrium xray, xray, ultrasound,etc all seem fine

but the smptoms wont go away( chest pain, shortness of breath, backpain, light headedness etc) its freaking me out like im going crazy

sometimes i feel ok but sometimes i dont.have no energy and so depressed

i hope that there is somene who can help me cure this.

if this is all in my mind maybe i should see a psychiatrist????