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Re: Post Haemorroidhectomy - 9 weeks on!

Originally Posted by guyofchelt View Post
I had a full surgical Haemorroidhectomy 9 weeks ago to remove three very large internal Haemorrhoids. I have seen the surgeon and he says that I am doing fine and should make a full recovery. He is not expecting to see me again!
I however feel somewhat different; I still experience some pain at every BM (although this has got much better over the months!). If this is not bad enough I experience constant pressure in my rear end. The best way to describe this is that it feels like my Arse is falling out and I am consciously sucking it in.
After 9 weeks I am still constantly aware of my Arse, either pain, itching or pressure - is this normal?
I would dearly love to hear from anyone that might be able to help or explain.

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My Haemorroidhectomy experience was in 2006; back then I've had a surgery with the "staples method"; I remeber that the first 3 months were very painfull, specially at BM. The pressure in the rear end is normal; I do not know if your surgery was like mine ( with staples) but I believe you will see improvements on the next few weeks. All the best.