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Re: New to this. Abnormal emg. Concerned that is could be ALS.

MS lesions or plaques can show up in the brain/spine or both. MS effects the central nervous system which includes the spine. People with MS that have certain symptoms can trace there symptoms to lesions in the spine not the brain. MS is a very different disease for everyone that is diagnosed. Some people have minor disabilities with MANY lesions, while some have significant disablities with just one or two lesions. It depends on what area of the brain or spine that is effected. Remember there are many possibilites besides MS and ALS. Have you been tested for Lyme's disease, etc?

As I said my mom had ALS...Since June I have been having involuntary muscle twitching in my left toes and left calf. It is 24/7. Also, a tight charley horse feeling. This is not typical of MS but more symtommatic of neuro muscluar disease-ALS. My neurologist agreed with that. 2 weeks ago, I had an EMG looking for ALS. I was convinced it was because of my family history. I was a wreck. The test came back normal...No ALS. Phew. Of course the symptoms are still occurring and I can't get ALS our of my mind. I've convinced myself that the test was conducted to early and didn't show. My point is that I understand how scary this process can be. The best advice is to stay off the internet searching symptoms and continue to go to neuros and specialist until they find out what is wrong. There usually isn't anything that can be done overnight anyways. Diagnosis of neurological problems can be very lenghty. Journal everything even if it seems minor. It may trigger a thought process for the right doc.

Again, based on your numbness and tingling, I ALS doesn't jump to the forefront.
Good Luck. Keep us posted, it will help others going down the same road.