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Re: Problems after Gastic Bypass Roux-En-Y?

This is an interesting thread and I'm surprised more people are not responding. I don't know how to interpret that. Are the vast majority of people happy with their results or are people just not complaining very loud? Or are there just no bypass folks who read here?

My instinct is that most people must be happy with the results. This surgery has been done to so many people for so long now that I think it would be all over the news if a healthy....say 30%....number of the people were almost incapacitated by this "fix". I also am certain that insurance companies would stop paying if they believed they had a leg to stand on for easily rejecting people. But instead it's becoming pretty easy to get approval these days. On the other hand, I know that what you are saying is true and there are some people where the cure has been worse for them than the disease.

My only side point is that I have an acquaintance I used to work with in dog rescue who was banded. She would say a large part of exactly what you have said to the degree she told me just last week that she had it unfilled and is leaving it that way. When she is filled to restriction she vomits a lot and has terrible acid reflux. It's not the type of vomiting you are talking about but a lot comes back up because it can't get through the restriction. Her weight is down about 60 pounds from when she was initially banded and she could afford to lose another 30 or so but she says she's sick of the whole thing. I suspect she might recant and have it filled again at some point. That's the one great aspect of being banded, it's a bit more flexible. But it's not an easy route to go either.

In short, I know of folks who need to lose 40 or 50 pounds who want to have one of these surgeries as a self pay. One friend has looked into going to Mexico to a clinic that specializes in gastric bypass. I think she is nuts and I've told her so. If you can lose it 1/2 a pound a week and be to your goal in 2 years, do it that way. These surgeries are not the easy way out.