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Re: scrofula/lymphatic TB

Definitely....genitourinary tract TB can FOR SURE happen, though the most common place for it to happen when it's there is in the kidney and the urinary collection system. Unfortunately, given our pretty much stone age techniques of identifying TB, yes, they would have to have tissue from the affected area (e.g. culture and pathology of the actual cyst) to see if there's TB in that area.

It does take TB a while to grow in culture--sometimes up to 6 weeks. When was your culture set up?

The one thing about you being immunocompetent is that it would be a hard sell to invoke active TB in two different places in the body UNLESS you had something called miliary TB (incidentally in which the TB skin test is almost ALWAYS negative) which is VERY unlikely because you'd be EXTREMELY ill. The fact you've lost weight and have been having fevers in the context of the lymphadenitis is very suggestive of active TB, but given the chest imaging which suggests previous inflammation but not ongoing pneumonia, means you're probably not contagious.

I hope your appointment goes well! Let us know!