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Re: Post Haemorroidhectomy - 9 weeks on!

Originally Posted by guyofchelt View Post
Very many thanks for your speedy reply - it does give me a little confidence that I may make a full recovery.
The surgery that I had was not the staple method, but an open haemorrhoidectomy presumably with a scapel or some form of!
I have been gradually improving; BM's are less painful although I do have more than I would wish for (sometimes as many as 3 or 4 a day). It is just this damn constant feeling that my Arse is falling out and I am constantly trying to hold it in. Trying not to be crude, there is a movement that you often make as you finish emptying your bowel! It is this movement that I am doing almost every waking minute to stop my arse falling out (even though I know that it isn't) - hope that makes some sort of sense :-)
Is this normal?

I believe the movement that you're referring is a sphincter spasm and that is normal;