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Re: heart racing when trying to fall asleep

Originally Posted by luvmyfamily924 View Post
Those are great news!!! I'm glad you are doing so well your advice to everyone here is so appreciated. I definitely think working out helps us with all those late night jitters and flutters and thumps and everything else. I agree eating late can really mess you up at night. 240 is a scary heart rate! Take care and keep up the good work and i'm very happy your surgery went well.
This is for those who are experiencing irregular heart beat & rapid pulse rate. All underlying problems lies in the way we breath, breath is life & one should know how to control consciously. Most of the times we forget this breath & breathe unconsciously. Follow the below method, it helps to lower the ragin hearts.

Inhale for 4seconds, hold in stomach for 8seconds, exhale for 8seconds(4/8/8). Inhale less stale oxygen, exhale more of carbon dioxide. This will help tremendously. As you have practised regularly, try to increase the ratio to 4/12/12, 4/16/16 & more. Good luck.