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Re: heart racing when trying to fall asleep

Originally Posted by 0153colin View Post
... The ECG's also showed that my heart rate increased even during sleep,
I don't understand why doctors are not able to link the connection between allergies and heart rate/rhythm!?

Most heart medications try to block or inhibit hormones originating in the Adrenals. It is an Adrenergic reaction to external stimulation. When the adrenals start pumping out hormones, it causes problems for heart rate, for blood pressure and for Immune System Disorders.

Where is one of the worst places for allergies or external stimulants? The evil, dastardly BED!!!

these were quickly dismissed as I must of been having a bad dream,
Such clowns, huh?

then down the road of was there any stress going on at the moment blah blah blah
I wonder if your doctors had any patients that lived?

... once again the result were completely & utterly fine.
The heart is an extremely tough organ. It has to be. It has to beat zillions of times per year faithfully, every second, every minute of the day. It takes years for the excess chemicals/hormones of the adrenals to do damage.

The best approach now, would be to live a healthy life, with a healthy diet and exercise, in order to limit expected future problems resulting from years of excess adrenal activity.

Medications, such as Beta Blockers, Ace Inhibitors, Calcium Channel Blockers, ARBs, etc., can limit the excesses of the adrenals, but they come with nasty and sometimes debilitating side effects. Better to diet and exercise and avoid irritants and Adrenal triggers, rather than take one of these nasty medications, huh?

During the conversation the doctor asked me one of the most stupid questions (I know he was only trying to help )
Think of it on the bright side. At least your doctor did not decide to become and auto mechanic instead. In that case, he could have really messed up your car, and that would have been a serious situation!

Regards, and best of luck!
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