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wheezy 3 year old

hi i have a 3 year old son, he has always been one to pick up everything that goes round but no matter what it is he catches he gets a cough. any way he coughs regularly but the last 4 times he has had a cough he has woken me up in the night with such a tight chest and very loud wheezing, so i steam up the bathroom till it loosens and put him back to bed and although he sill coughs the next day the wheeze is gone does this sound like asthma? he has had chest infections and in the winter pretty much coughs constantly.

also the last time i took him to the doctor with a chest infection she said normally we would give inhalers but i will try him with some antibiotics i also noticed last time he wasn't as active as normal he kept saying he was cold and he was quite pale anyway if this sounds familiar to anyone it would be great help to hear from you

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