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Re: wheezy 3 year old

I had one daughter who was diagnosed with asthma at under a year because everytime she got a cold she wheezed. I took her off dairy when she was about 2 and she never had another asthma attack again. She is 4 today and is still not having dairy but does have the odd bit of icecream or milk but as long as she doesnt have it regularly she is fine. No drs recommened this or said dairy was the cause the just kept giving her puffers and antibiotics. And a few times she needed the nebulizer. It was a naturalpath who said take her off dairy.

My now 17 year old (funny I never made the connection with the two girls) used to get brochitis and pnemonia often before she was one. Always needing antibiotics and always going to emergency, she had asthma once. Her pediatrician said to take her off dairy (she was on a dairy formula) and she was fine after that. She had been able to have dairy since she was 7.

My naturalpath said kids immune systems are not fully mature until they are around 7 or 8 and some kids cant handle the mucus dairy creates and its makes them sick...more so if they catch a cold.

Oh and edited to add. My daughter had a chest infection for 3 weeks and antibiotics were not helping at all, and the puffers were not helping at all...I wanted to know what was causing the asthma because my husband gets it from dogs so what was causing hers??? that is when I took her to the was Thur afternoon and she said to take her off dairy and gave her a natural antibiotic....She was completely clear by monday morning and has never had a chest infection, asthma or bad cough since. I have also recently taken my 5 year old son off dairy because I think it is causing problems with his adnoids, he has always been very nasal and snores and gets winded when he runs...this has helped him alot as well.

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