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Re: I'm not that big of a whimp ;-)

Hey Mandy,

Thanks for your response. I think I needed to explain myself to myself if that makes sense? You all seem to be at a place where you are a little more at peace with yourselves and life than I am, and that makes me seem like a whiner.

I am not, I am a fighter, but my fight is fueled by my refusal to accept the way my MD will probably take me. According to my therapist I am the most stubborn person he has ever met, and I am the only person who can beat him in a discussion ;-)

The depression issues actually go back to way before my diagnosis, but they were never treated, so I think that is why they now play such a huge role in my life. I have also dealt with anger, I am actually on a mood stabilizer to help me not throw things around the house etc. My phone has not gone flying for six months now, so that is a good thing! The thing about all this is that when I am doing good I am flying high, but when the depression takes over, it is a tough ride getting back up. Right now I am flying high.

I don't make sense, to much coffee and adderall ;-)

Have a great weekend, it is hot and humid here, but I still want to be outside as much as I can! I went sailing last week and put to much sunscreen on, and came home without a tan at all!