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Re: I'm not that big of a whimp ;-)

What a pity about that tan. Here in SA it's damn cold - hate winter.

I do understand exactly what you are saying. I've been told that I am so stubborn that they will leave me alone. I don't want to discuss any help that I might need, future complications etc etc

I'm so stubborn that I do not go to dr's unless I have the flu, I don't seek professional help, I do not take any medication to relieve any pain or anything to do with MD

For me not doing those things is for me being normal to myself (like that makes sence)

I do think depression must play a huge part in the way you see yourself. I think depression can drive a person insane and not be able to c beyond what's in front of you.

I think you have some major issues to deal with and I really empathize with you and I am so lucky that I've bypassed all that.

It would be great if I could basically c the people on here (I mean pics) as it makes it a bit easier to talk to a person, but I know it's against the rules of this site

Well enjoy the sun and speak soon