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Re: I'm not that big of a whimp ;-)


Well when you get that money tree one day and come visit this place you are more than welcome to stay with me - disabled friendly house (I think - LOL)

For me Geography is my least fav subject and my kids always laugh at me when I try and figure out where places are - I know I should actually read a world map and make sure when I mention a place I actually know where it is .. hehe

Now to be totally honest all I know about Florida is the palm trees and I'm going to check the net to see where you stay and to check up the other parts of Florida (have to find this first) - aaggg me a little bit stupid

I'm in Cape Town and we have the ocean and mountains and we Capetonians live a very slow paced life.

People form Johannesburg alway complain what we have all the time in the world without a worry to get anywhere faster than a snail.

The only worry we have is the petty crime commited (house break-inns and smash and grab) incidents but otherwise we are relatively safe.

When I win the lotto (yea like that's gonna happen) I would love to visit but SA's exchange rate compared to yours is actually sad as we pay about 7x more for everything

When and if you come visit I'll give you a lift on my scooter that I'm gonna pimp out with 4 wheel drive and crazy sound system..