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Re: Newbie: Mother diagnosed with Uterine Cancer

I just saw your post and I am so sorry for your mother and family - I was more active on this board last year when my aunt was diagnosed with stage VI uterine cancer which had spread to her abdomen. She had surgery and underwent treatment, but we lost her on 3.24.10. I think it was a combination of the cancer and the treatment, which was very difficult and made her very sick.

Do you know what stage your mom's cancer is? You cannot force someone to seek treatment, and the treatment for this form of cancer can be very difficult. The best you can do is support her and whatever decision she makes, no matter how difficult she may be. It was very important for us to support my aunt, even though we didn't always agree with her. This was HER body and HER treatment plan and in the end I wanted to feel like I honored her wishes, not my wishes for her. In a way that's easier, because if you stay focused on what your mom wants, you don't have to be conflicted about going against her wishes. If she dies because she does not seek treatment, that was her decision. If you pressure her into seeking treatment, she does it and it's very hard on her and maybe you lose her anyway, then you are left with that guilt.

At the end of the day, whether the loved one survives the illness or is lost to it, the best the family can do is to just support them every day of their journey.

I wish you well - please let me know how you all are doing.