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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Originally Posted by ****** View Post
Aussiegirl2 - what is the latest with you? I posted here on the 10th July but you have not responded, are you ok?
Hi ******
sorry i have not responded. I have been up and down.. i was able to stop the meds but the nausea is back pretty badly. and i also developed really bad reflux when i stopped my reflux drugs. so im back on one of the reflux drugs.
im still seeing the chinese doc.. and also my GP ..
im still getting really bad early morning nausea - waves of it which wake me up..
the tests from dr borody came back all clear. < edited >
how are u going??
can u also resend me the list of the tests that u have had.. also is your nausea worse at any time of the day..

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